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Top Ten Best Chiropractors in the United States - Los Angeles Chiropractor

The best chiropractors in the United States that I have seen do more than just the basics. It takes dedication to learning and discovering the newest holistic chiropractic techniques.

Practicing Applied Kinesiology is one of those chiropractic techniques that requires and enormous amount of extra study from highly skilled chiropractors.

The Ten Best Chiropractors in the United States

1. I have to start off the list with the visionary and founder of Applied Kinesiology with Dr. George Goodheart, jr.

2. Previous past AK president, AK diplomat, teacher and mentor to many doctors and chiropractors of Applied Kinesiology - Dr. Robert Blaich.

3.Chiropractic teacher and AK diplomat - Dr. Wally Schmidt.

4. D.D. Palmer founder of chiropractic who brought for the philosophy of chiropractic.

5. BJ Palmer, famous chiropractor who said about medicine and chiropractic when speaking about Innate:

"And yet you ask "Can chiropractic cure appendicitis or the flu?" Have you more faith in a knife or a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?"

6. Dr DeJarnette, founder of sacro-occipital technique a true chiropractic genius.

7. Dr. J. Clay Thompson chiropractor who innovated the drop table.

8. Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead took the bio-mechanical structure analysis to a new level in chiropractic.

9. Dr. Richard Van Rumpt was the founder of DNFT and took chiropractic into a new age of low-force adjusting techniques.

10. Doctors of chiropractic all across the United States who work tirelessly and without fame, who provide healing on many levels.

There are really so many chiropractors who go beyond the basics to provide exceptional healing to their patients. I believe most chiropractors are drawn to the chiropractic field instead of medicine because of their own personal experiences of monumental healing through chiropractic.

I broke my back at the age of 16 and chiropractic saved my life when traditional medicine had nothing to offer me.

learn more about Dr. Ken Best at his official website www.drkenbest.com

Dr. Ken Best, D.C. is known for being a celebrity chiropractor working the stars and crews of such Los Angeles film and tv productions as: "24", "Brothers & Sisters", "Alias", "The Changeling", "Minority Report", and "Felicity", among others.

Dr. Best has recently been spotlighted in the media and featured for his holistic chiropractic expertise on The Doctors, The Associated Press, KTLA5 Morning News, Extra, Fox 11 News and KCAL News.
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Dr. Best Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a system developed by chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., to study the reaction of the body to muscle stimulus. The chiropractor can find either strong or weak muscles through manual muscle testing. Each muscle has a relationship to various organs and meridians of the body.

The chiropractor can utilize this process to help determine what correction need to be made in order to strengthen the body, whether it is physical, chemical or emotional in its origin.

This is not like most chiropractors or other types of practitioners who say they do "muscle testing." Dr. Best is an ICAK certified practitioner of AK. Dr. Best has study more than 1,000 hours of this specific technique and has taught hundreds of others chiropractors over 7 years through the ICAK. Reliability in testing comes with experience.  Learn more about AK.

Dr. Best - Books, Seminars Healing and Online Course

Dr. Ken Best in addition to being a chiropractor has written several books. Dr. Best’s newest book from the ‘99-Series of Books’ is “99 Things I Wish I Knew Before Facing Life’s Challenges,” Facing Lifes Challengesthis book is a simple and straight forward look at techniques to the help you to remove the obstacles in your life; to create more of what you want and find more happiness.
It is available right now on digital download direct from 99-Series.com.

Dr. Ken Best has written the book "Rewriting Your Life - An Owner's Manual" and created an Online Course, which gives you the tools to help you 'rewire' your brain. Often times we can't stop worrying about the future or rehashing the past which gets in the way of creating what we want in our life. It also may adversely affect our health by the way we think.

You can choose an online course, book or seminar to learn the valuable tools Dr. Best has put together to teach you how the brain works and how to implement real life changes to create more happiness and better health.

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Healing Body, Mind & Spirit

Dr. Ken Best realizes that there are 3 influences in the Triad of Health. Any stress in these three areas: structural, chemical and emotional - can adversely affect a person's health.

Chiropractic adjusting, core building and physiotherapy treat the structure.

Nutritional imbalances and environmental exposure to toxins affect the chemical stress of the body, which in turn can affect the mind. Dr. Best provides personalized nutritional testing.

Meditation, visualization and reconnecting with nature and source are practices that can be used to nurture the mind and spirit.

All elements need to be balanced in the body for perfect health.

Read more about Energy Healing.

Choosing the Best Chiropractic Technique

The best chiropractic adjustment depends on you. You are unique and because of that not every technique works equally well on everyone. Not everyone responds well to force or non-force adjustments. Many times there are several components that are required for healing not just physical manipulation. Applied Kinesiology brings together many of these other more subtle components to healing including: nutrition, acupuncture meridian therapy, sacro-occipital technique, neuro-lymphatic reflexes, neuro-vascular points, as well spinal and joint corrections.

Dr. Best is proficient in many manual chiropractic adjusting techniques, including Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, but may also use "LOW-FORCE" adjusting (aka non-force).

When low force chiropractic adjusting is indicated, Dr. Best uses the Activator adjustment. Corrections are made possible because all the force from the instrument is applied to a very small specific area of the spine. Respiratory corrections may also be used.

This provides not only very specific chiropractic adjusting, but does so because the body creates very little resistance to the Activator instrument as mechanoreceptors barely engage, allowing for improved movement in the area being adjusted. Activator Methods is a specific chiropractic technique.

Dr. Best also utilizes sacro-occipital technique and blocking for more low-force chiropractic adjusting protocols.

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